The Majiuki Signature combines three or more of our artisanal services,

for a creative reintegration of any event, location or business of your choice.

In the feudal era of Japan, year 1550-1660, also known as the Azuchi-Momoyama period. Castles and mansions were extravagantly curated by masters of the Kanõ school to reflect prosperity and exuberant wealth. Buildings of ostentatious castles and mansions replaced temple architectures.
Masters of arts, and craftsmen of high value were forced solely to curate only for the Shogunate and daimyos (ruling class). Seeing the problem at an abrupt transparency, the Sōhei (monk warriors) of Northern Kyoto congregated in absolute secrecy in an isolated mountain in the North-West Region of Kyoto.
The Sōhei monks came to an outright conclusion; that indeed the artisanal values, curations, and craftsmanship that portray harmony had been lost in the hurricane of material pursuits amongst the general populations. As an attempt to upkeep the tradition, the Sōhei monks came up with the ultimate solution of creating a discreet team of individuals consisting of two personality dispositions, the `Majime`, earnest individuals driven by logics, and the `Ukiyo`, dreamers. Their objective was to curate designs and aesthetics that suffuse the way of harmony, in Japanese known as ‘Wa’, to the general public.