The flowering shrub blooms from spring to summer. The azaleas are vividly coloured flowers. Each consisting of five funnel speed petals, growing in clusters at the tips of its branches. A menu is a configuration of harmonious formations. Designed as the first creational endeavour that represents a restaurant. Tactfully expressed it simplifies the delectable cuisines and compelling narratives that signify your hideaway. As the breeze carries within it the potential to create a reaction, this menu holds the ability to cognitively entice
customers and sweep the hearts of many. It is indeed, similar to a preface within an auditorium before a play. Collaborating with an eighty year old traditional paper maker from the isolated mountainous region of Northern Honshu Prefecture in Japan. Each piece is created meticulously through the usage of traditional Japanese techniques of paper making. A family run secret amongst the Kitahara since the 1700s; a recipe that has been handed down throughout the generations.
Kamo obasan, is a grandmother living within the rustic hut with her son and a grandchild. Day by day steadily creating strips of paper – as she conjoins them through a traditional secret methodology known as the Waraku, (the action of putting small pieces of paper and assimilating them into one). Living her life far from the modern bustling world, free from materials concerns – her passion is in perfecting the art of Waraku. The processes of dissolving and resurfacing of materials; composing of the natural techniques of 
submersing, immersing, re-surfacing and evaporating procedures. She compares this art to the drifting away of the lonesome clouds on a mundane day, and the representation of the cyclic existences of life itself. Wakimukudo menu curation features subtle allusions, traditionalism, breathtaking symbolism, and the overall enigmatic cryptic diction. We take humble pride in our beautiful presentations; adhering to the traditional codes of beauty found through the appreciation of the simplicity of life.