The secret wisdom of murals is in assimilating the mind to the ways of the ocean. Its primal characteristics are found in its spine-tingling movements. The fundamental purpose of a mural is in exuberating sensible freedom – one that is unconstricted within the frigidity of a frame. Freely discovered and casted within a bounteous space. A consolidating factorial area that is part of a contingent venue, regardless of it being it indoor or outdoor. The personification of it emphasises a sense of flow, astute freedom and an overall positive
altruistic nature. An analogy to the persona of the ocean itself. During the days of the ancient Minoans, a startling high tide occurred, and splashes of waves hit the concrete walls of their humble abodes. Auspiciously the next day, heat from the dazzling sun prevailed, and traces of salt were found scattered on it. An unprecedented event that brought about a modest bewilderment amongst their society. As the light from the coruscating sun made its way to the traces of salt, small shapes and geometries were contrived.
Astonished yet contented, the Minoans finally discovered a simple methodology within their agricultural society. Indeed, it was through the usage of murals that they discovered the most straight-forward means of how to share their humble knowledge of energies. The Minoans sensed that it was undeniably fated for them to utilise this simple methodology, in conveying the wisdom of the unseen, within the walls of their abodes or even in public in order to encourage the flow of positive understanding. 
The ocean bequeathed the Minoans of the sincere wisdom found in the laws of nature; the way of the murals, the philosophy of water, and the overall key in capturing forces within still images through natural and simple means. It was the beginning of the employment of murals amongst their society. One of the essential ways of relaying knowledge of harmonious existences and energies through the pairing of the wisdom behind movements themselves.
 Birds have long been raised in temple and
shrine precincts as messengers. Their
cooing presence give a sense of calamity. 
Eggplants symbolises the first dream
of the year, it is as lucky as
dreaming of Mt. Fuji
Undoubtedly, murals carry within them the core of freedom; freedom within the soul, a way of capturing forces, depicting positivity, and a means to create movements to an otherwise still image. Our team are advised by Mitaka Sensei, a retired quiet adept calligraphist. Unable to hear since birth – Mitaka Sensei acquired sounds through the streaming of canorous movements with his hands. The creation of astute strokes in permeating consonances, a melodious delicate yet intrinsic methodology that captures the elements of calligraphy.
The team abide by the principle of artisanal traditional value; the disciplining of the mind, the simplicity of actions, and the careful usage of words pertaining to their every day lives. Meditation is a daily core routine found in their conventional habituation. Aware of our how murals capture and compose energy, thus we aspire to create an ensemble of positive tranquility within our mural designs. We specialise in depicting scenes of haiku, poetic verses, sacred scriptures, historical renditions, and time-worn philosophical texts.