What is a pattern? A pattern is a repeated sequence of energetic creations. Quite similar to having a ‘planned thought’ whereby one thinks of it before eventually creating or exerting movements, ‘a pattern’ is a series of similar energetic overlaps that create a mark within the present time or present event within space. It is a re-play of an event of the same sequence. Quite similar to déjà vu, that evoke feelings of familiarity. Patterns too, have the power to elicit a feeling of profound mysterious awareness of the universe. 
Little is known of the true power of patterns in eliciting emotions that are buried within the subconscious. For us, a pattern is a fishing rod; a rod that successfully catches the fish to surface level, from it swimming unknowingly within the unconscious. Then to the bridge of the sub-conscious, and eventually to the conscious. Small molecules bearing the same isotopic structures, create an item or an object. The object itself is then objectified, for it to have a purpose; such as the spoon that is utilised for feeding. 
Patterns are an energetic sequence, that follow the same law of nucleus pathways, in that they create energetic sequences that bear their own energy within the subconscious mind of an individual. Regardless of whether the individual is consciously noticing a pattern or not – in the aspect of feelings and emotions an image of an energetic sequence of patterns is then buried within the subconscious mind. This goes to say, that the philosophy of ancient patterning is in
having the wisdom of the effect patterning has on the subconscious – to further trigger emotions, sensations, or even feelings. In the secret of ancient philosophy of Japanese art, patterns were utilised by the shinto monks to provoke a subconscious dream within the dream realms, to meditate upon or to promote a lost wisdom. E.g. Patterns within fabrics in the past were not simply worn for ornamental purposes; they were utilised in their energetic sense to promote the science of the mind. 
As patterns bear within themselves various symbols, the individual wearing the fabric benefits from the mind of others, or passersby who simply view the fabrics worn by the individual; thence this eventually creates a ‘manifestation within the mind’, that strengthens the power of the energetic symbols that is worn by the individual pertaining to the individual himself or herself. This is simply the cognitive concept of collective manifestation via the usage of energy through the means of patterning. 
It is in reality an energetic coding that affect passersby, that innocently glance at it. Currently, whereby true ancient knowledge of energies has been lost, most individuals are unaware of the true meaning of patterning or even of art formations. Be it for fabrics, wallpaper, clothing or objects – large or small, it is our aspiration to take our energetic understanding of patterning and create pattern designs that would be utilised to raise your vibrational frequency and promote solely positivity.