The loquats bloom regardless of the winter, its beauty encapsulated and enthralled a mere passerby or two. Void of words, it generated an unheard poetic verse, a melody of emotions amongst the harsh snow of Sapporo; the passerby then bowed in gratitude of nature and its ways. The soul of Wakimukudo pop-up curations is found in continuous and everlasting dedication in the studying and attempt in perfecting the traditional art of Japanese flower arrangements. The observation of nature and learning from its ways. 
A process of developing communications between the internal self and the natural environment. The expression of feelings or dialogues within our curations. The commune between ourselves and the object, is a silent verse of relational dialogues between our hearts and the aesthetic world, the non animate and the animate itself. It is during these moments we feel lost within a timeless sphere of parallel existences. With each of our hands lifting an object, a cadence of movement; communing with it as nature would with a passerby.
Each object we believe as having a character and a life force of its own. Depending on your items, we yearn to pinpoint their unique characters before arranging them with care. Our signature pop-up curations employ the usage of water due to its symbolic purposes of a flow. Handling your objects with care to form a harmony within the abyss of our curations, we carefully consider the characters and your own personal message within the items that you wish to sell. Wakimukudo strives in simplicity, for we shall convey the message and target your audience with minimal usage of materials; it is after all a method for self-expression. We view overly stimulated pop-up displays to reflect the superficiality of life – going against the fundamental aspect of nature and its simplicity. We believe that the fewer items there are to contemplate within a pop-up curation, the more we shall achieve our aim in triggering viewers to observe more carefully at the primary objects.
The ability to curate beauty within limited time and space is an art form and a self-acceptance of the fact that situations constantly change. The appreciation of impermanency that holds great wisdom towards the acceptance of mortality and destiny. It is a way of being for us; to create an impermanent curation and to treasure it, aware within moments that individuals will get together and view the curation in the means of either a pop-up display, food stalls, or even traditional carts. 
Shizuka San is the team leader in our pop-up curation division; being the third generation within a family of traditional tofu and goldfish merchants in Kyoto. Her passion and dedication for pop-up displays, small businesses, food stalls and food carts curations is utterly undefeated. As such it is a way of perfecting herself in an attempt to study self-realisation through the means of self-expression – a life of simplicity and humility, with the intent to perfect the art of curations as her life ethos.
For Wakimukudo The Label this is a way that forces the alignment between the simplicity yet the impermanency of our fleeting physical life. The art of conveying a message within a momentous scope of time. In the winter some flowers too disappear within reach, but wisdom is held eternally within the core of one’s heart.