Though many academics have claimed the cracking of codes in various languages within the civilisations, many codings or mathematical calculations are easily re-routed through the formations of logics and reasonings, that would cognitively make sense. In fact the cognitive functionality of language creation is not a difficult one, and a language could be created within the span of only a short few months. 
Unlike that of the Egyptians who utilised the aspect of their advanced understandings of the human brain anatomy, the Minoans utilised their hearts in the creation of art formations that would uplift the vibrational frequencies of those who simply glance at it. Though undecipherable by the human mind, it alters and uplifts the heart itself. This is the particular aim that Wakimukudo utilises during our present day. 
As the only way to bring back the ancient wisdom and pertinent knowledge is to assimilate it to the present day; we view website design as a modern platform that has the ability to alter not only the minds, but the vibrational frequency of individuals. Capturing the essences of your trades or self with simplicity, the play of poetic rendition, and images that capture your soul. The aspiration to create the ‘Wakimukudo Feeling’ is of our utmost priority and primary dedication. 
The ancient civilisations, relayed their messages through forms of art works, murals or even symbols. Most of these civilisations bear in mind the inevitable question, ‘that if there was a downfall – how could a new future civilisation understand their knowledge and wisdom, knowing that the form of language, climate, demeanours or even cultures of the future would be of probable extreme differences and not alike to theirs?’ Hence, they understood that the only way was to utilise their understandings of energies.
Contrary to what has been relayed amongst the linguists of today, many ancient languages are yet to be deciphered – such as that of the Minoans in the ancient Cretan days. The Minoans created formations of ‘language’, that could not be understood by the human brain – as it was created through the basis functionality of all existences within our universe, and that is of energies. The simple but true.
As modern technology has overtaken the spare time amongst the majority, we aspire to create websites that follows the same philosophy and path as the ancient Minoans. Websites that incorporate not only the modern understanding of the functionality of the brain – and how each stimulus matters in the aspect of perception and marketing but most importantly, the utilisation of our understanding of symbolisms, colours, textures, geometries and how it all relates to energies.