Vol. 1

MAY 2017

Loss for words is one, when they are in awe of what they witness when it speaks directly to their heart, and straight to the soul itself. A positive light feeling is felt within such momentous events, and at times tears flow; for the heart is being positively adhered to.

Within the quiet streets of the lesser known area of Kyoto is a traditional Japanese confectionary store, its appearance extremely humble. Piles of plain mochi are placed on an antique wooden table in the store’s front. It was without a doubt, to anyone walking past that this store specialises in making plain mochi about the size of a palm. People walk past it without paying careful attention, teenagers rush as they gobble a mochi on their way home. 

Hidden behind the small mountainous display of mochi, is an old woman bearing the wisdom of age. A paraplegic kneading the dough in the corner. Her focus and dedication was undeterred, as she gazed intensely into her pile of dough. Next to her is an old man about the age of seventy, carefully shaping the dough. It was still and silent, no one spoke a word as they attempt to put their soul in the creation of the mochi. In front of him, is another old man – a much older man. To a neuroscientist, it was clear he was suffering from mild Alzheimer’s disease. He smiled sweetly as he made his way to the back room, his back crouched with age and his movements rigid; he was in charge of refilling the water. Conversing with the customer is a charming woman bearing the age of her early fifties, it was obvious through the gestures that she is the daughter of the man with Alzheimer’s and that she was in charge of this beautiful crew. 

She came up to us as she handed over our plain mochi, she was visually impaired, unable to see at all; an unspoken word of respect between us and her, as some of our team members walked away, smiled, released a tear or two rejoicing to the beauty of life, upon our first bite. This is what Wakimukudō The Label stands for, real moments that capture the essence of soul, a constant reminder of the beauty of life and the wisdom of small gestures. A haiku in itself.

Address of this confectionary : セボン • イマデガワ • 京都

Vol. 2

JULY 2017


What is Wakimukudo? Wakimukudo is the feeling of positivity found within one’s chest. It activates the language of the heart. A way of communication that has been lost for a long time. Wakimukudo enables the heart to grow its own roots. The invisible roots of light that originate from the heart. It encourages these roots to be nourished through feelings of love and positivity. Wakimukudo cultivates these roots, so that they may connect with other hearts that are also successfully spreading their roots; establishing an internal communication under the surface of the physical – initiating the eternal language of the heart. It is the way of the heart. The refuge of the mind.