WAKIMUKUDO specialises in curating only the highest quality of aesthetics, relying our compositions on the innate sensitivity to nature; favouring the simple, spare and graceful over extravagant designs as we believe ostentatious beauty to be fragile, impermanent and hence – fleeting. Our earnest aspiration is to ignite a subtle and unobtrusive yet deeply moving feeling within our creational endeavours, bringing awareness to the beauty of ephemerality. 
Wakimukudo symbolises the cyclic existence of our universe. The eternal force of nature, an orchestra of symphony, and the basis to all primal creations. The aesthetic sphere of Wakimukudo is found in the ephemeral representations of the rhythms of life. Our aesthetic curations and creational endeavours – invites you to momentarily liberate your soul to an unparalleled spirituality, an orchestra of symphony; to a magic that uplifts the veil of the unseen, and the passion that reconnects us to our energetic origin.
Ms. Skye graduated with honors from Chelsea College of Art. Though her roots were matriculated in Japan, she is Finnish by Heart. Her heart lies in her love for Finland. In the most recent year, she studied design of antiquities in a Japanese college and is currently writing her first book on ‘Sacred Shinto Designs of Japan’. Excitingly, after studying under close mentorships of artisanal monks and shinto priests in the isolated yet rustic shrines and secluded temples of Japan – and being taught on the techniques
Born in the family of kimono artisanal makers, whose finesse have been highly accoladed since the Edo era. Ms. Shota (勝田) or ‘Shota-Sensei’  is a valued semi-retired teacher and senior alumni of the Joshibi University of Art and Design in Japan. A fourth generation in her family – she is known for her designs, traditional integration and taste in the creation of rustic minimalist Japanese tea houses and curations of ceremonial venues. Ms. Shota (勝田) is overlooking the maintenance of true traditional craftsmanship amongst our staff and reverberation of old artistry in this modern era.


Success to us is in eliciting a sense of profound awareness of the universe within our clients – triggering feelings that are far too mysterious and deep for words but undoubtedly felt within the heart. Wakimukudo combines elements of old age, loneliness, resignation, and tranquility – with yet the colourful and plebeian qualities of the present era. Eclectic, yet traditional in our approach, our artisans are ardent Japanese master craftsmen who stay true to their traditional roots of ancestry, beliefs, and core values.
We began as a bespoke and discreet team in the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. Offering innovative creative talents, consultations, interior designs, balcony-weaving, installations, murals and overall artistic advise to local artisanal stores, long-time vendors, individuals, and businesses alike. Wakimukudo, European division, is newly managed and headed by the demiurgic up-and-coming Japanese inspired textile composer, Hermione Skye (notably named as ‘artist to look out for’ by Timeout and Ryu Ryu Japan). 
and wisdom of sacred designs, patterns, ornaments, structures, interiors, symbols and sacred structures of the ancient era; Ms. Skye has dedicated her life-long journey in the utilisation of ongoing explorations in euclidian geometries, ancient materials, organic details, and artisanal meanings and typologies. Our Wakimukudo sister division in Japan is presently co-headed by the prominent tea master and teacher, Kaori Shota (かお里勝田) and silently co-headed by two Japanese neuro-cognitive scientists.